Furniture Ideas For Your Home Office

Furniture Ideas For Your Home Office

Are you looking to freshen up your home office? Have you committed to converting the bedroom of your long-launched child into a much-needed workplace? Or are you finally determined to transform a finished attic or basement into an office space of your very own?

Before you do, check out these furniture ideas for your new home office.

Can The Cubicle Culture

You’re not under the eye of the boss anymore, so you get to define what looks “professional.” Are you jonesing to include that six-foot wooden giraffe sculpture you bought in Kenya last year? Do you want to convert that vintage apothecary’s cabinet into a storage space for printer ink, craft supplies, or drafting materials? How about adding built-in bookshelves for legal tomes, magazine storage, or as a display case for your trophies and accolades? It’s your home and your office, so choose furniture that you love.

Stay Heart-Healthy

Entrepreneurs who work at home often keep longer hours than those embedded in the corporate culture. They also get less exercise, because there’s no commute and lunch is as close as the kitchen. To keep your heart healthy, consider bringing the gym to your home office with cutting-edge furniture like a treadmill desk, an office ball chair, or a chair gym attachment to keep your upper body strong.

Consider Color

The standard office is a rather dull thing. It’s a square room with boxy furniture, gray desk chairs, inoffensive carpets, metal file cabinets, generic artwork, and beige couches. Who says it has to stay that way?

Color can convey a mood, whether it’s to wake you up, inspire you, or give you a sense of calm. Ditch the conformation mindset and consider filling your office with colorful rugs, paisley couches, bright painted wooden desks, accent throw pillows, and dramatic curtains in bold shades of your favorite hue.

Concede To Your Unique Office Considerations

Perhaps you do need a desk and a chair in your home office, but consider how else you’ll be using the space. Will you be inviting clients over on a regular basis? If you don’t want the formality of sitting them on the other side of the desk, consider tucking your work space in a corner and focusing on a welcoming circle of overstuffed chairs around a conversation-starting mosaic coffee table. Will you be working on large projects? Maybe you need a drafting desk or a large craft table to spread out your materials.

When it comes to home offices, anything goes, so don’t hesitate to convey your style preferences and office needs to your architect and designer.

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