How Should I Prepare For A Kitchen Remodel?

How Should I Prepare For A Kitchen Remodel?

Moving house: Young couple unpacking kitchen dishes, pots, pans, in new home

Congratulations, you’re finally remodeling that old kitchen! Won’t it feel good to pull out the pink Mamie-Eisenhower-era cabinets, dump that groaning avocado refrigerator, and finally remove that ever-peeling linoleum flooring? Your new kitchen will be a gleaming new space with all the conveniences of the twenty-first century…when it’s finished. Until then, you’ll be living without a kitchen at all.

Fortunately, there are ways to survive the inevitable disruption, with just a little preparation.

Pack Wisely And Well

Pack everything that’s in your kitchen, from the curtains and clocks to the crystal and crackers. Store away the things you won’t be using, such as good china and silver as well as appliances you won’t need, like stand mixers and apple-peelers. Keep available only the essential items for your much-reduced meal-planning endeavors.

Set Up A Temporary Kitchen

You’ll need a dedicated space away from the construction area where you can make sandwiches and store cereal and snacks. In the best of worlds, it’ll be near a refrigerator, such as in a basement or garage. Ideally, you’ll be near a sink for washing dishes, though some folks use paper goods during the renovation or let a nearby bathtub do double-duty. Your family has to eat somewhere, so a small dining set or a folding table with chairs is optimal.

Work With The Small Appliances You Have

You won’t be making Thanksgiving dinner while your kitchen is being gut-renovated, but you can make fine home-cooked meals nonetheless. This is the time to dust off your crock pot, toaster oven, pressure cooker, hot plate, and electric griddle and be creative. You may have to do a little more meal planning, but at least you won’t blow your budget eating out every night.

Eat Al Fresco

If you’ve got a grill and a patio dining area, take advantage of the fine weather and eat under the open sky. The kids may enjoy the novelty of a picnic now and again, and imagine the fun you’ll have putting a camp cook stove to use. Even if outdoor space is limited because of construction, you can still grill outside and bring the meal indoors.

Plan A Vacation

When your home is in upheaval, even a ten-day vacation with your in-laws can feel like paradise. Consider planning a week or two away from the noise, dust, and disruption for a rest from the upheaval as well as a change in scenery.

A kitchen renovation is a temporary disruption, but with good planning and a little foresight, you’ll be handling it like a pro.

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