How to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare for Your Kitchen Remodel

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We’ve assembled this ultimate step-by-step guide to help you prepare for your kitchen remodel. Soon your new kitchen will be an exciting new space with a beautiful design. Don’t worry about this home remodel. While it might seem overwhelming to move out of your old kitchen, Kowalske Kitchen & Bath will guide you through this process. We have renovated hundreds of kitchens in Hartland, Wisconsin and the surrounding communities.

Before the construction of your kitchen starts, follow these simple tips:

1. Clean Out the Kitchen

Before you start boxing up pots, pans, recipe books and utensils, be sure to take stock of your kitchen. Think about what appliances, décor and dishware you want to keep. Be honest with yourself. If you haven’t used your grandma’s dishes for six years, you might want to donate them or give them away.

Get rid of broken, unused and outdated items. If you have a tough time getting rid of stuff, then call a friend or two over. Your friend will be honest with you about whether you should keep that old cracked teapot or that still wrapped fondue set.

2. Box Up Everything

Pack up kitchen

Once you have cleared out unnecessary items, start boxing up items. You want to have everything cleared out of the space before renovation begins. Here are a few quick tips to make packing easier:

  • Have a friend help you with packing to make it faster and fun
  • Separate items you will need in the interim and set them aside
  • Pack and store items you won’t need during construction
  • Label and color code boxes. For example, yellow labels for spices or red labels for dishware.
  • Clear out every nook and cranny, from drawers to under your sink
  • Remove décor, paintings, knickknacks, calendars and curtains

Consider items you want to keep or donate during the demo phase. These items include appliances, light fixtures, faucets, and cabinetry. Let your project manager know so these items can be saved during the demolition. Schedule a pickup with Goodwill Restore for large items you want to donate.

3. Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

Once you have packed all items, then designate an area of your home as a secondary kitchen. Choose a space that has a sink, trash can and room for a microwave or small fridge. Set up a mini-pantry with items that are quick and easy. Save money by cooking at home and not eating out. Use disposable plates, cups and utensils. You might need this space for a few weeks or longer.

Plan meals that don’t involve much preparation. During warmer weather, plan for outdoor picnics in the backyard or plan family gatherings on your patio. Make eating together fun. Have tea party lunches with your toddler in his room, or invite friends over for an impromptu pizza party under the stars.

If the Hartland, Wisconsin weather is nice and you have a grill, take this time to enjoy your outdoor space and patio area. Even if you can’t eat outdoors due to construction or weather, enjoy grilling a healthy meal and eating indoors in your makeshift kitchen. Other helpful items include a hot plate, electric griddle, small toaster oven, or Instant-Pot. Minimize the mess by planning simple meals like sandwiches and salads.

4. Don’t Forget Your Pets

Keep your dog and cat safe during construction. If you typically set up your pet’s food and water in the kitchen, you’ll need to find a new location. Depending on the timeframe, you may want to send your pet to a safer place during the remodel. If you keep your pet at home, keep them away from the construction area.

5. Speak with Your Project Manager

Build a strong relationship with your Kowalske Project Manager. Ask relevant questions about the project, the timeline and construction. Discuss logistics of the project such as where the dumpster will go. What can you expect with the construction? Ask as many questions as you need to feel prepared for your kitchen remodel. Your project manager will be happy to address your concerns.

6. Clear a Path

kitchen dust
Kowalske controls dust during construction by installing plastic sheeting between rooms. In addition, floors and stairs are protected with cardboard and plastic coverings.

Besides clearing out the kitchen, move items that might block contractors when they enter your home. Remove valuable art, photo frames and furniture. Dust is a part of the construction process, so take measures to protect items from dust. Cover furniture with protective plastic or move items to the garage or storage.

7. Get Organized with a Bulletin Board

The construction process will last for several weeks. Keep track of the kitchen remodel with a bulletin board. Your bulletin board can include:

  • Dated photographs to track each step
  • A detailed checklist
  • A calendar to track the project’s progress
  • Important contacts and phone numbers

Why keep a bulletin board? A bulletin board will help you visualize your new kitchen’s progress. Be patient during the process. It may take longer than you expect.

8. Family Vacation Time

You might want to plan a family vacation during the bulk of the remodel. Why? If you decide to stay home during construction, life will start to get cramped and stressful. Small children especially might react to the disruption with meltdowns, sibling squabbles and tears. By planning a great vacation, you will help curb some of the stress for the whole family. Here are some great ideas for making the kitchen renovation a little more fun for your family:

  • Plan a couple of weeks at the grandparents
  • If you choose to stay with relatives, alternate between homes a week at a time
  • If the Hartland weather is cold, this might be a great time to visit Florida or Arizona
  • Plan a big vacation away like Disneyland or other popular tourist destination
  • Travel to Canada by train and enjoy a week away
  • Plan a staycation by renting a room at a local hotel and visiting Wisconsin sites like the Circus World Museum or the State Capitol
  • If the weather is beautiful, plan a trip hiking and camping
  • If you have to stay in your home, arrange for your children to have sleepovers at a friend’s house

Minimize the stress on your family by having a wonderful time on vacation. Talk up the fun with your kids ahead of time. Explain to them that when the family comes back, the house will have a brand new kitchen!

9. Remember the End Result: A Beautiful New Kitchen!

open concept kitchen with vinyl plank flooring and white quartz counters
Treat each moment of your kitchen remodel as an exciting adventure. Whether you decide to stay home during the remodel or take the opportunity to vacation with your family, these few weeks of inconvenience are well worth a gorgeous kitchen. Once you make new memories with family and friends in your new kitchen, the remodel inconveniences will disappear.

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