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5 Luxury Bathroom Tile Patterns You Will Love

What makes a bathroom beautiful? Tile plays a significant role in the look and feel of a bathroom, adding pattern, texture, color and visual interest. Whether you love subway tile, glass mosaic, hexagons, or penny tile, the options are endless. How can you choose the best bathroom tile?

Pair up with our seasoned designers at Kowalske Kitchen & Bath serving homeowners in Wauwatosa and the surrounding area. Your designer will help you select tile that best suits your style and needs. Discover the beauty of luxury tile!

Bathroom Tile Ideas:

1. Wood-Look Tile

Do you want the attractive look of wood without the cost and maintenance? These tiles offer a faux wood option that is both durable and beautiful. Whether you have a modern home or traditional look, find the right wood-look tile that fits your specific aesthetic. Each tile has its own unique knots, grain, patterns and beautiful colors. Opt for a realistic look or choose a tile with gray or blue undertones.

wood look tile
The “wood-look” bathroom tile floor and shower niche is set in a herringbone pattern. It adds contrast and warmth to this Delafield bathroom.

Wood-look tiles come in a variety of styles and shapes. For example, choose from intricate mosaics, hexagon or chevron. Find over-sized tiles in dark colors or even in classic ceramic. This affordable choice is perfect for busy families. Low maintenance and easy-to-clean, it’s no wonder so many homeowners choose tile.

wood look tile
We chose a wood-look bathroom accent tile for this serene Wauwatosa bathroom niche, which gives the space a natural and organic vibe.

2. Hexagon Tile & Octagon Tile

Discover a wide range of exciting tile shapes like hexagons and octagons in your bathroom. Trendy geometric tiles are both versatile and elegant. Elevate your overall bathroom design. Porcelain hexagon tile and octagon tiles have the durability to last for years. They come in many finishes, sizes and colors. No matter your bathroom style, geometric tiling gives you a sleek, classic look.

hexagon tile
Consider dark oversized hexagon floor tiles in your bathroom for a contemporary look.

Geometric tiling can be tricky to install. No worries. Our experienced Kowalske tilers will quickly and professionally install any type of geometric tiling. Talk with our designers about the best bathroom tile trends for your home.

octagon tile
In this Wauwatosa bathroom, we used an octagon and dot tile with light grout for a vintage look.

3. Subway Tile

Do you want to enjoy a sleek classic bathroom look? Many homeowners enjoy the traditional look of classic subway tiles. Traditionally, these ceramic tiles only came in plain white. Nowadays, you can choose subway tile made from materials like stone, colored marble or brightly colored glass for your bathroom renovation. The only limit is your imagination.

subway tile
Versatile classic subway tile brings a beautiful elegance to your bathroom walls. We used a patterned ceramic tile on the floor of this Brookfield bathroom to balance out the subway tile.

4. Cement Tile

One of the most popular bathroom tile trends for your floor is the cement tile. Cement tiles have a rich centuries-old history and have recently enjoyed a resurgence in luxury bathroom renovation. Each cement tile consists of meticulous hand-poured pigmented cement.

cement tile
Durable intricate cement tile flooring comes in soft hues of blue and gray.

These versatile tiles come in a wide range of exciting, bold colors and patterns. Cement tiles have environmental benefits and do not become slippery. Keep your bathroom flooring clean. These tiles require careful weekly maintenance.

cement tile
Be bold and FUN in your color and pattern choices with a cement tile floor and penny tile on the walls.

5. Mosaic Accent Tile

Want to make a real splash? Add trendy bold accent tiles to your bathroom renovation. These gorgeous little luxurious details like a distinct pattern along your shower or artistic featured mosaics genuinely showcase your unique style and taste. Our talented design team will help you find the perfect bathroom tile trends for you.

Get Started on Your Bathroom Remodel

Choosing the right tile for your bathroom renovation involves several considerations. What are your favorite colors and textures? Will this bathroom have much traffic? What is your budget? Will you need an accessible bathroom or want radiant floor heating?

With so many exciting options, you need an expert designer from Kowalske Kitchen & Bath. We serve homeowners in Wauwatosa and the surrounding area. Contact us today for your first consultation. We will be happy to answer all of your important questions.

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