Cabinet Hardware: The Jewels of Your Kitchen or Bath

Cabinet Hardware: The Jewels of Your Kitchen or Bath

When updating or remodeling a room, people can spend hours, days, even weeks selecting the exact look to reflect their style and taste. Colors. Textures. Finishes. Lighting. Flooring. Decorative accents, and more. But there’s a simple little touch that can be easily overlooked that makes a real statement in any room — cabinet hardware. Yes! Those everyday knobs and pulls that can turn an ordinary drawer, cabinet or furniture piece into something extraordinary.

At Kowalske Kitchen & Bath, we believe details like cabinet hardware add impact to any new design. Here are a few of our favorite thoughts, looks and ideas on how you can add that embellishing “wow” to your rooms.

1. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware: Knobs

When it comes to kitchen hardware, it doesn’t have to be your grandmother’s kitchen knobs any more. But they can be if you’re looking for a chic, retro design! In fact, today’s cabinet and drawer knobs can be glass, ceramic, metal, round, square, hexagonal — there’s no limit to the shape, style, color, finish or material you can choose to create the look you want. 

Design tip: narrower drawers traditionally look best with a single knob in the center. But you can shake it up by using two knobs equidistant to the left and right of center. This approach looks great with wider drawers.

2. Kitchen Hardware: Pulls

Just like knobs, there’s no limit to the style, color, finish or material of cabinet or drawer pulls or handles you can choose from. Typically, pulls mount with two screws with a cup, arch, bar or rod-like appearance so you can wrap your fingers around the hardware with one hand… or even just a finger if necessary. 

Design tip: when swapping out old pulls or handles with different dimensions, elevate with a backplate. They not only offer an easy solution to cover up any holes or cabinet wear, but they add texture and depth for a more streamlined look.

3. Kitchen Hardware Finishes

Polished. Antiqued. Brushed. Burnished. Painted. Satin. Lacquered. Unlacquered. With so many hardware finishes, how do you choose the right one for you? The easiest way is consulting with Kowalske Kitchen & Bath. We can help select a hardware finish that reinforces the overall style and theme of your home. 

Design tip: For a farmhouse, vintage or country vibe, try bronzed finishes. For modern décor, consider brushed nickel. For a more luxurious look, see how crystal, brass or ornate hardware adds a touch of elegance.

4. Paneled Appliances Hardware

Crafted to be installed on wood-paneled appliances, appliance pulls allow you to seamlessly match cabinetry and make a real statement when remodeling your kitchen. They’re sturdily built to withstand the weight of the doors and the use over time — but with the wide variety of textures, looks and colors to choose from, you’ll never sacrifice style. 

Design tip: appliance pulls offer a way to add some customization to your kitchen. Choose yours to blend in with your other cabinet pulls, or stand out to make your custom appliances pop!

5. Modern Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

There’s just no getting over it. Frequently used bathrooms are often warm and damp — even in the middle of a Wisconsin winter. So you’ll want to choose quality hardware for your bathroom vanity that’s durable, practical and rust-resistant. That’s why so many bathrooms rely on neutral tones like chrome, nickel and stainless. They’re subtly sophisticated and easy to match with other bathroom accessories. 

Design tip: don’t forget to select wall hooks, towel racks and door pulls that coordinate with the look, color and texture of your vanity’s hardware.

6. Cabinet Hardware: Mixing Metals

Using the same finish throughout a room may create a cohesive look, but mixing the metals of your cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures can offer a more interesting, lived-in feel. So go ahead and experiment. But we do recommend choosing one dominant metal, then selecting one or two accent metals to create contrast. And don’t overdo — more than two or three metals can make a room look too busy. 

Design tip: provide balance in a space by choosing metallic tones that complement one another. Also place similar finishes on the same visual plane to guide the eye through the room.

7. Using Knobs & Pulls Together

When it comes to mixing knobs and pulls, there’s no right or wrong answer. It more depends on the look you want to achieve. For example, mixing the two creates a more traditional look, while using all bar pulls gives a modern feel. If you want cottage coziness, you might use all wooden knobs. It all comes down to your personal design style. 

Design tip: remember to keep function in mind when selecting knobs and pulls. For example, knobs are smaller and better suited for lighter-weight doors, while heavier drawers with pots and pans may benefit from a sturdier handle.

8. Cabinet Hardware Sizing

Cabinet pulls come in all different lengths. So which should you choose? Most designers follow the “Relative Scale” rule where a pull looks best when it’s 1/3 the width of a cabinet drawer or 1/3 the height of a cabinet door. This allows your eye to follow the length of the pull up the height of the door or across the width of a drawer to create a sleek, visually appealing look that makes your room look bigger and balanced. 

Design tip: use a long pull for tall cabinets and wide drawers, and a medium length for shorter cabinets and narrower drawers.

9. Luxury Cabinet Hardware

Giving your kitchen a refresh doesn’t always mean a full renovation. In fact, you can do it quickly and cost-effectively simply by upgrading the knobs and pulls on your cabinetry. With so many different ornate and luxurious styles to choose from, hardware is a finishing detail that can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your room. 

Design tip: when switching out cabinet hardware, just ensure their finish and style blend with other finishes that are already in place — such as faucets or lighting — for a truly distinctive space.

See What New Cabinet Hardware Can Do In Your Home!

These are just a few insights and tips into how ordinary cabinet and drawer knobs and pulls can transform your kitchen or bath into the extraordinary. And you can count on our talented design team to have dozens more! Give Kowalske Kitchen & Bath a call today and let us discuss your style, needs and budget. Whether it’s a full remodel or just a fresh update, you can count on us for the right solutions to complement your space and lifestyle.

Our experienced team will prepare a 3D design to help you visualize your new spaces. Once you give the thumbs up for your kitchen or bath’s new look, our team will manage the material selection and coordinate the entire project. Enjoy hassle-free remodels with Kowalske Kitchen & Bath.

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