Ultimate Bathroom Sink Buying Guide

Ultimate Bathroom Sink Buying Guide

Are you considering a bathroom remodel? With the sink as a main focal point of the bathroom, it’s important for you to understand your options. There are a variety of styles, materials, and more to consider. As you start on your journey, let Kowalske be your Pewaukee bathroom remodeling contractor. Whether you are updating your master bathroom into a spa-like oasis or creating a functional hallway bathroom for the kids, we can help. This guide will help you understand the important things to consider when choosing a bathroom sink.

Style of Bathroom Sink

First decide what style will best fit your Pewaukee bathroom. Take into consideration the style of the room and how that might affect your choice in sink. Is the space transitional, rustic, contemporary, modern or farmhouse? Maybe you want a minimalist look, or perhaps warm and cozy. The good news for you as a homeowner is that you have many options – from size to style to number of vanities.

Some popular bathroom sink options include:

Undermount Sink

An undermount sink can be used in nearly all design styles, so this is the most popular type of sink.  It sits under your bathroom counter and will give your bathroom a sleek look. With smooth lines, it’s very easy to clean and gives you increased counter space. Overall, this type of sink can add value to your home. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Top Mount Bathroom Sink

A top-mount, or drop-in, sink is very elegant and fits well with transitional and traditional style homes. As the name indicates, the top mount sink is placed in the bathroom vanity by cutting a hole in the counter and dropping the sink in. The edges of the sink are then sealed to the top of the counter. It gives the bathroom a minimalist look and it works well with a variety of countertop materials.

Console Sink

console sink

A cross between wall-mounted and pedestal, the console sink is a classy statement piece. Also known as an apothecary sink, this style works well in a wide variety of homes. It is quite elegant and looks expensive. Another perk is there is no need for you to worry about ordering a countertop and you can get one with a built-in shelf for storage. Available in a wide variety of metals, woods, and other materials, they give you a lot of options. 

Vessel Sink

Bringing your bathroom that “wow” factor, a vessel sink is a free-standing sink that sits on the counter. Although they are very popular in new construction, this sink is a classic, dating back to prehistoric times. It works well in modern and contemporary homes because they are quite versatile. The good news for those who like options, the vessel comes in a wide variety of styles and designs. Not only are they easy to install, but they give you more countertop space in your Pewaukee bathroom and allow for a neater bathroom by keeping water better contained. 

Pedestal Sink

Very attractive, a simple pedestal sink can bring a clean, airy look to your bathroom. While one might picture the traditional porcelain pedestal sink, there are countless style options available to achieve the look you want. The pedestal style works best in a small bathroom like a powder room and results in less countertop clutter. They are durable and easy to clean which many homeowners appreciate. 

Integrated Bathroom Sink

Giving your bathroom a luxurious feel, an integrated sink is a sink and countertop all in one. Common materials used are cultured marble, porcelain, cement, granite, marble, quartz and laminate. Choosing an integrative sink can create a cohesive design that makes for quick and easy clean up. Available in many different styles, the integrated sink can bring a minimalist aesthetic to your space.

Wall Mounted Sink

The wall mounted sink, or floating vanity, is an affordable option that makes a bathroom look bigger than it is. This is what makes them a great option for smaller bathrooms. Easy to clean and very versatile, they can be mounted at any height to give your bathroom an open look. They come in very narrow options, including corner sinks. There are many styles available for modern, contemporary and traditional homes. Consider the exposed plumbing and get a trim kit to match your faucet. 

Semi Recessed Sink

With a semi-recessed sink, part of the sink is mounted above the counter and part is mounted below the counter. A major benefit is that the overall height of the vanity with sink is less than a vanity with a top mount vessel sink. This gives you more storage space in your vanity below. Another positive is stability. While porcelain is the most common material, there are many other material options such as metal and glass.  

Number of Bathroom Sinks

Give some thought to how many sinks you want in your Pewaukee bathroom. A double vanity adds convenience as well as value to your home. Two sinks can make bathroom usage more efficient. Many couples or families with children find this to be a convenient option. 

Also consider how much storage space you need in your bathroom. Do you need drawers for each person in the house? With two sinks, you will be limited with drawer options and countertop space. It all comes down to what best fits your specific needs.

Bathroom Sink Usage

The type of sink you choose will depend on the type of bathroom in which you are placing the sink. The needs for each kind of bathroom changes the main use or frequency of use for the sink. 

In a powder room, for example, the sink will likely be used a lot, with foot traffic in and out relatively quickly. In this case, a small sink may suffice. A master bathroom serves many purposes so while aesthetics likely matter to you, so does function. In a kids’ bathroom, the look may not matter so much as countertop space and adequate storage.

Make a list of your specific needs for the space before choosing your bathroom sink.

Get Started on Your Bathroom Remodel

Now that you have the basics on the bathroom sink, are you ready to get started? If so, connect with us! At Kowalske Kitchen & Bath, we are design-build contractors that have perfected a hassle-free formula. We manage every step of the renovation process. Our expert team can help you every step of the way as you bring the vision for your Pewaukee bathroom to life.

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