Luxury Bathroom Features Waukesha Homeowners Want

10 Luxury Bathroom Features Waukesha Homeowners Want

For many homeowners, the bathroom is more than just a functional space. It’s an area of solitude where you can escape the stress of life for a minute, get ready for a party, and enjoy a glass of wine in a hot bathtub. Our expert designers at Kowalske can help you transform this room into the sanctuary you want. Here are the top 10 most requested luxury bathroom features that you can have in your Waukesha home:

1. Heated Floors for Your Waukesha bathroom

Who likes their feet to freeze after a hot shower? If you can imagine how nice a warm floor would feel on a cold winter day, consider a heated floor in your Waukesha bathroom. Both luxurious and practical, a heated floor can bring many benefits beyond just comfort. Radiant floor heating results in better heat distribution, especially in rooms with high ceilings, and provides more overall warmth in general. They are also durable, hopefully lasting for a few decades. Heated floors are a great investment when creating an inviting and cozy bathroom space.

2. Connection to Nature

Who doesn’t want to have a scenic and peaceful feel in their bathroom space? You can bring the outdoors in with natural light and/or a scenic view. Think about a window or skylight in your bathroom to give your indoor area a connection to the outside. Not only will this make your bathroom look and feel more spacious, but it will bring serenity to you and your family. Open the window to improve ventilation, as you can get rid of extra steam and moisture and prevent damage to the walls. 

3. Elegant Tile

To create a luxury bathroom, you must include beautiful tile. Take your bathroom to the next level of elegance! There are a variety of materials to consider, with two common ones being ceramic and porcelain. Moisture-resistant, easy to clean, and durable, they will last for years to come, making your life easier while improving the look of the bathroom space. You will have the opportunity to get creative with a wide variety of designs, styles and patterns. Tile flooring or tile walls can be a game-changing element in your Waukesha bathroom.

4. A Free-Standing Soaking Tub

Talk about that “Wow!” factor. A free-standing tub in a bathroom definitely makes a powerful statement. It takes a room from basic to stunning, and it opens up the space and gives the appearance of a larger room. You can make it your own with the many options of designs and colors. Another benefit is flexibility. While built-in tubs need to be against a wall, a free-standing style can go anywhere in the room! If you want it to be raised from the ground, a pedestal is another possibility. 

5. Custom Cabinets in Your Waukesha Bathroom

A perfect fit and everything in its place! Custom cabinets with storage solutions are a nice mix of aesthetics and functionality. Our experts can help you decide exactly what will work for your space and fit the parameters of your bathroom to give it the look you want. Beyond that, you will open up the room while gaining extra storage for all the bathroom items that can quickly clutter a countertop.

6. A Custom Walk-in Shower with Glass Doors

Consider the benefits of a walk-in shower with elegant glass doors. You also have the perks of a shower storage niche as walk-in showers allow for more space. Add multiple shower heads for a more spa-like experience. They are also very easy to clean in comparison to a tub that has many corners and crevices that make it difficult to reach. You can get creative with a shower as there are many door options to complement the style of your Waukesha bathroom. 

7. A Separate Toilet Room

Consider the privacy that comes with a separate toilet room in your bathroom. A toilet that is enclosed and out of sight gives you the convenience and accessibility you need with a family. For busy morning activity or big events, this is a feature that can make your life a whole lot easier. A separate toilet room is also believed to keep things more hygienic, containing bacteria in one specific area.  

8. A Statement Sink in Your Waukesha Bathroom

Make a “splash” with your bathroom sink or vanity! A focal point of the room, the sink should be given a lot of thought as far as the presentation you want. The sink is a frequently used bathroom feature, but it can also be an eye-catching and show-stopping feature in your Waukesha bathroom. Some styles include the vessel sink, basin, and wall-mounted, but there are many others to take into consideration. Let our experts tell you what’s out there!

9. A Gorgeous Bathroom Linen Cabinet

Imagine the endless possibilities of a linen cabinet! When you have a busy bathroom for many people, things can quickly get disorganized and chaotic. But what if you had an area where everything could be put away nicely, folded and uniform? You could stay as organized as you want! With an area designated specifically for linens such as bath towels and extra bedding, you will eliminate a ton of unnecessary clutter. You can even designate a shelf for personal items and family essentials. 

10. Layered Lighting in Your Waukesha Bathroom

Get the perfect mix! When you bring the element of layered lighting into your bathroom, you get a nice balance. This combination will ensure the room isn’t either too dim or harshly bright. This is also something you can have fun with, choosing from a variety of styles to portray the exact feel you want for your Waukesha bathroom. From vanity mirror lights, wall sconces, pendants, strip lights, can lights, and more, are some of the many options our experts can help you choose from.

Start Your Bathroom Remodel

Are you now inspired with enough ideas from these top ten most requested luxury bathroom features? If so, it’s time to speak with a talented designer at Kowalske about your bathroom dreams. Make your wish list and contact our experts to get the project going! Schedule an appointment today.

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