Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: From Bold to Traditional

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Can’t Live Without

A kitchen backsplash reflects your unique personal style. A tiled backsplash can create a sense of elegance or make a bold statement. We have many clients are willing to take more chances and go bold, using color or pattern. Whether a small charming kitchen or a grand, expansive culinary space in your Brookfield home, your experienced Kowalske Kitchen & Bath designer will help you discover the perfect kitchen backsplash for your style.

backsplash tile
For a clean, timeless look, choose a gray arabesque tile to add texture and pattern to your kitchen remodel.

Choosing the Right Texture & Pattern

Finding the perfect kitchen backsplash tile for your home involves finding the right materials and color for your kitchen. While tile remains popular, modern homeowners also choose glass, stainless steel or beautiful natural stone. Consider full or partial backsplash options for your kitchen remodel.

backsplash tile
Natural lighting and unique sea-green hues make a calming kitchen space.

Contemporary homeowners often choose a full wall backsplash, unique decorative tile accents, or a fuller option to make an artistic statement. Speak with your designer about which options work best for your lifestyle and budget.

backsplash tile
White subway tile remains an elegant and clean option for many homeowners.

When you consider the pattern and texture, be honest with yourself. Would you want this pattern several years down the line? Are you reselling? Opt for a more neutral tone when considering future buyers if reselling or flipping the home. Many minimalists favor simplicity and neutral tones for a cleaner look.

backsplash tile
Are you planning on reselling your home? Try this clean carrara marble subway tile.

On the other hand, if you want a big splash with your backsplash, create a distinctive focal point with bold patterns and colors. Accents draw the eye to gorgeous bright colors, unique textures and bold patterns. Our seasoned design team will help you find the right texture and pattern. Kowalske Kitchen & Bath is the perfect kitchen remodeling contractor to create the spacious kitchen of your dreams.

backsplash tile
Delicate tile with gold accents perfectly complements this home bar.

Bold Kitchen Backsplash Accents

backsplash tile

Make a unique statement with this intricate hexagon accent wall.

If you want to go BOLD, consider making a statement with your backsplash. Try beautifully lit polished green glass or an artistic mosaic. Add some spice to a minimalist space with bright crimson or stunning geometric patterns. Choose materials like glass or marble to add elegance and style.

backsplash tile
A bold turquoise color pops in this Delafield kitchen.

Go wild with the imagination by incorporating a wall design. For a unique look, ask our designers about original tile art mosaics to cover the full wall for luxury and beauty. The space behind your stove makes an ideal spot for a decorative bold tile treatment.

backsplash tile
Unique handmade tile plaque behind the range adds bold color.

Call the Kitchen Remodel Experts Today

Ready to reinvent your kitchen? Call the kitchen remodel experts at Kowalske Kitchen & Bath today. We now offer personal virtual meetings, phone appointments or in-person consultations. Together we will make the design process simple and easy! We will discuss your own style, artistic concept and budget. Our goal is to find the right material and color to complement both the space and your lifestyle.

backsplash tile
Modern Waukesha homeowners often choose an elegant herringbone pattern for their home.

Our design team will prepare a 3D design to help you visualize your new kitchen backsplash tile. Once you are happy with the design, Kowalske Kitchen & Bath will manage material selection and coordinate the entire project. Enjoy a hassle-free kitchen remodel with the talented team at Kowalske Kitchen & Bath. Contact us now.

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