Backsplash Tile Ideas: From Bold to Traditional

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Can’t Live Without

A kitchen backsplash reflects your unique personal style. It gives you an opportunity to have fun and express yourself! Whatever you choose says something about you. Maybe you want to create a sense of elegance or make a bold statement with your backsplash. Maybe you want to bring in a pop of unexpected color or use a unique pattern. Whether a small charming kitchen or a grand, expansive culinary space in your Brookfield home, your experienced Kowalske Kitchen & Bath designer will help you discover the perfect kitchen backsplash for your style.

Here are 6 backsplash ideas for your kitchen.

1. Classic Subway Tile Backsplash

First used in New York subway stations, the classic subway tile has been a longtime favorite among homeowners. The utilitarian, timeless look works especially well in historic remodels. These tiles have many benefits. They are easy-to-clean and stain- and bacteria-resistant. The tiles also bring with them many surprising options. While they have typically been ceramic, they are now available in glass, stone and marble. Subway tile traditionally come with a square edge, but other shapes are also used. Color choices are virtually endless.

When you consider the pattern and texture, be honest with yourself. Would you want this pattern several years down the line? Opt for a more neutral tone when considering future buyers if you plan to resell in the near future. Many minimalists favor simplicity and neutral tones for a cleaner look. Speak with your designer about which options work best for your lifestyle and budget.

2. Square Tile Backsplash

Are you bored with subway tile? If you are looking for another classic option, consider square tile for your backsplash. These tiles range in size between 3-inch and 5-inch squares. Choose from a variety of colors and finishes. One of the most popular backsplash options is a glossy white or off-white square tile. It adds a little texture and shimmer, while keeping the design simplistic.

3. Unique Alternative Backsplash Materials

You may want to consider choosing a unique material for your backsplash as another way to make it your own. Homeowners bringing a modern look to their kitchens are no longer limiting themselves to traditional options but rather thinking outside the box. Choices include glass, metal, stainless steel, a slab of quartz, wallpaper, brick, and many more surprising materials. Some you may have never even considered such as wood, mirrors, river stone, or chalkboard. Just like with color and design, you can let your imagination run wild when selecting materials.

4. Bold & Colorful Backsplashes

If you want to go BOLD, consider making a statement with your backsplash. Try beautifully lit polished green glass or an artistic mosaic. Add some spice to a minimalist space with bright crimson or stunning geometric patterns. Choose materials like glass or marble to add elegance and style.

Create a distinctive focal point with bold patterns, textures and colors. Contemporary homeowners often choose a full wall backsplash or unique decorative tile accents to make an artistic statement. Our seasoned design team will help you find the right texture and pattern.

Color can be brought into any style of backsplash, adding a bold accent to every home from farmhouse to contemporary. A bold and colorful backsplash makes a statement and adds pizzazz to your kitchen. Especially against a white wall, color brings in a lot of spice and flair. It can bring a dull kitchen up to the next level. As you choose your color, think of the theme and effect you want. Love the beach? Consider turquoise or cerulean. Is the park your favorite place to be? Think emerald green. When it comes to choosing color for your backsplash, the choices are virtually endless.

5. Unique Backsplash Tile Shapes

Another way to bring a show-stopping look to your kitchen is by choosing a unique shape or pattern. While most are familiar with the subway tile, there are also more remarkable and striking options like hexagons, octagons or fish scales. With a variety of angles and curves to choose from, you can let your personality shine through in your decor. The same holds true for non-traditional patterns. Don’t think you have to stick with the tried and true. Now is the time to have a little fun with it!

6. Backsplash Tile as Art

Go wild with the imagination by incorporating a wall design. For a unique look, ask our designers about original tile art mosaics to cover the full wall for luxury and beauty. The space behind your stove makes an ideal spot for a decorative bold tile treatment.

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Our design team will prepare a 3D design to help you visualize your new kitchen backsplash tile. Once you are happy with the design, Kowalske Kitchen & Bath will manage the material selection and coordinate the entire project. Enjoy a hassle-free kitchen remodel with the talented team at Kowalske Kitchen & Bath. Contact us now to schedule a consultation.

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