Remodel Your Lake Country Home or Move?

Remodel Your Lake Country Home or Move?

Are you daydreaming about remodeling your Lake Country, WI home and thinking, “Is it worth it? Maybe moving would just be easier!” That might be true or maybe not. There are many things to consider before taking that leap into selling your home and moving somewhere entirely different. Before you decide if you would rather remodel your home or move, ask yourself these questions:

Is it Cost-Effective to Move?

  • Moving Has Hidden Costs – Moving is a big financial commitment and once the decision is set in motion, a lot of unknowns can come your way.
  • Calculate the Cost to Move – Do a thorough price comparison of what each option will cost you. Crunch some numbers and decide whether it makes more financial sense to remodel or move right now. Is your job secure? Do you have a raise coming? Money set aside for unexpected expenses?
  • Is it a Sellers or Buyers Market? Take a good look at the state of the housing market. Are interest rates going up or down? Will you come out ahead or behind if you move? Can you find a home that meets all your needs? Speak to a realtor.
  • Can You Afford It? Assess the security of your job and income level; are you ready to take on a new house payment?
  • The Unknown Costs to Move: Keep in mind that remodeling comes with immediate expenses but can be done to stay within the parameters of your specific budget. Moving can put money in your pocket in the short term, but may cost much more long term. Also, with moving, there may be surprises. 

Have You Outgrown the Home?

  • Assess the Scope of Your Project –  When your car needs a new set of brakes, but everything else is just fine, you don’t rush out and buy a new car. Same with the house. A few small tweaks may be all you need to live happily every after right where you are.
  • What Is the Issue? Are you looking for a complete change of scenery or just an update? If you want something entirely new and different, then moving may be the way to go. However, if you just need to revamp an outdated kitchen or awkward bathroom space, then call our experts for ideas.
  • Give Some Thought to Space –  Do you need more room overall? If space is the concern, you can consider a home addition or finishing your basement.

Will You Miss Your Lake Country Home?

  • Memories are a Major Factor –  A new home, no matter how perfect, will not hold the memories you have made over the years. Are you leaving behind the first home you and your spouse purchased as newlyweds? Did you raise your children in your current house? If so, every room likely holds many nooks and crannies filled with unspoken memories that can’t be replaced.
  • Good Neighbors are Hard to Find – With a new house comes a new neighborhood and that area may have rules and people you don’t like. Don’t take it for granted that you will find someone you like and trust to get your mail when you are on vacation or have a cocktail with you on the patio. 
  • Consider Schools – If your kids are enrolled in a quality school system, that’s something you may want to hold on to. Uprooting your children and transferring schools is a major process and especially for older kids, it’s a tough adjustment. 
  • Your Favorite Places – Also take into account your favorite go-to locations like the farmers market, corner grocery store, beloved restaurant or coffee shop.

What Are the Landscaping, Maintenance & Yard Needs?

  • Outdoor Space Matters – Decide how attached you are to your current outdoor space. A love for one’s yard is a very important, often-overlooked factor. 
  • How Much Upkeep Do You Want? How much maintenance are you willing to take on? Caring for yards, especially if there is a special feature like a pool, take extra time than you may want to give.
  • Need a Bigger Yard? Do you need more space or can you be creative with your current situation? The fix may be updating your deck or patio area.

Are You Prepared for the Hassle of Moving? 

  • Moving is a Major Undertaking! It’s no secret, moving is a lot of hard work and most of it falls on the homeowner and their family and friends. 
  • Ready to Go Through Years of Stuff? Even hiring a moving company doesn’t spare you from having to go through all your belongings, sorting them, and deciding where they go. This is time-consuming and stressful!
  • Your Household Will Be in Limbo – The process will put your life–and that of your family–in a state of flux in a much bigger way than a remodel done by the experts at Kowalske.
  • Once Moved, You Have to Start All Over – Not only do you have to dismantle life as you know it in your current home, but you will need to set up all over again at a new house.
  • Think About the Timeframe – With moving you are on a set timeline; remodeling can be done at your own pace, when it’s convenient for your family. Many homeowners arrange the project for when they are out of town. 

Is the Timing Right to Move? 

  • There Are Daily Factors to Consider – Consider your current job situation and factors like work commutes, location of childcare and family activities.
  • What Stage Are Your Kids in? What are the ages of your children and how rooted in your community are they? Uprooting children at any age can be difficult, but if they are older and have established school, friends, and community, a move may be upsetting for them.
  • Don’t Forget About Proximity to Your Lifelines – Do you have close family and friends in the area? A favorite babysitter? Do you live five minutes away from an eldery parent that needs frequent check-ins? If you have important ties to your current location, then remodeling may be the better option.

A Home Remodel is the Best Option

As you think about whether you want to remodel your Lake Country, WI home or move into a new home entirely, consider the previous points. Ask yourself and your family members these very serious questions before you proceed. If you decide a home remodel is your best option, our experts at Kowalske are happy to transform your house into your dream home. Contact us to get started on your remodel by scheduling an appointment.

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