Why You Need a Interior Designer for Your Milwaukee Home Renovation

Why You Need a Interior Designer for Your Milwaukee Home Renovation

As you start to consider remodeling your Milwaukee kitchen or bathroom, you may wonder if you need a designer’s help. You might think your project is straightforward or simple, so a designer is not needed. A home remodel of any kind is a major undertaking and there are many reasons you will want and need an interior designer for your home renovation. A Kowalske designer brings value to your kitchen or bathroom remodel in a variety of ways. 

At Kowalske Kitchen & Bath, we provide turnkey remodeling service to our customers. This means that you’ll have a designer who works directly with our in-house production staff and construction crew to execute your project. Having a designer on your remodeling team is key to the success of your project!

Here’s why you need a designer: 

1. Designers Have Professional Experience

Delafield, WI kitchen

The bottom line with designers: They know what they are doing. Don’t underestimate the perspective that comes with years of experience, different types of homes, and working with dozens of homeowners. 

The basic function of a designer is interpreting your needs and coming up with a professional plan for a project. A professional designer knows the ins and outs in ways you don’t. A designer wants to make sure the whole building process goes off without a hitch. Trying to do this yourself would mean hours and hours of research and potential delays.

Designers are skilled at:

  • Considering Your Lifestyle: A good designer will ask questions to design a space that works for your lifestyle. Do you want your kitchen for entertaining, work space, or family meals? Do you want a bathroom for young children or do you want spa features in your master bathroom?
  • Creating 3D Renderings: Designers are skilled in creating floor plans complete with wall elevations and 3D images. Seeing how your new space will look can help you envision the transformation.
  • Recommending Materials: Utilize your designer’s knowledge for what materials are best for your lifestyle, age of home, style and budget. Some materials will work better than others for your home. 

2. A Designer Can Work With Your Budget

Elm Grove WI bathroom remodel

One of the first questions we hear from homeowners is “How much will this remodel cost?” The good news is you don’t need a high budget to work with a designer. In fact, they can help keep you on budget, know about discounts, hidden gems, the best go-to individuals in the industry. They know where to spend and where to cut back. Many say designers pay for themselves. 

Rely on your designer for: 

  • Overall Budgeting: Work with your designer to set a clear, reasonable budget.
  • Keeping You on Track:  A designer can help you stick to your budget, working with you to make adjustments to your scope. 
  • Aligning Your Team: At Kowalske, we execute the construction of our projects, so our designers work very closely with our production staff to ensure that your budget aligns with the construction costs.

3. Designers Can Set Realistic Expectations 

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Collaboration is a key component of the design process between homeowner and designer. Be sure to openly discuss the goals of your project and the issues with your current space. Your designer will ask questions and create a plan based on your lifestyle and needs. Kowalske designers have worked on dozens of remodeling projects and know what works and what doesn’t.

Set realistic goals including: 

  • Budget: Discuss your project scope and goals with your designer. With many years of experience in the industry, your designer will know what typical projects cost.
  • Timeline: Learn from your designer how long your project will take to design and construct. 
  • Priorities: Talk with your designer about your lifestyle, storage and organizational needs in order to set priorities for your project. 
  • Potential Issues: Determine what is the best approach if you are doing a project that involves removing walls or moving mechanicals. Your designer will provide professional advice on what to expect. 

4. An Interior Designer Thinks Creatively 

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A home is about how it makes you feel. The space has to make sense for your lifestyle, your family’s preferences, and your home’s limitations. You want a warm, inviting and attractive place to settle in for the evening, but it’s also about function. How well-versed are you in bringing beauty and functionality together in one happily livable place? Our experts are very talented in this area!

Bringing Your Vision to Life 

  • Space Planning & Maximizing Functionality: A good designer will know how to best use space and functionality. They can help you balance flow and function, take advantage of unexpected space, and arrange the layout and flow of foot traffic. A designer also has a good eye for wall and window placement.
  • Create a Beautiful Space: A designer can bring lasting appeal to the look of your home. Each step of the improvement process has potential to add value to your investment.
  • Fit the Style of Your Home: The experts have an eye for what will best fit the style of your space. They can be sure to include features that maximize strengths of the house and let them shine.
  • Incorporate Trends: Designers also serve as a voice of what’s current in decorating. They will talk you through the latest and greatest trends and help you create a “wow” factor. 

5. A Designer Saves You Time

brookfield sunroom remodel

Information that would take you hours to unearth is already at the designer’s fingertips. You will get their understanding of the construction process, materials, colors and textures. Figuring those things out takes time, and lots of it. 

Save valuable time with:

  • Material Selections: Your designer can provide the best material recommendations. We make the selection process easy by showing you samples in our showroom, saving you time from visiting numerous showrooms to choose items. There may be options for new materials or technologies that might be cheaper, better or more appropriate than what you are familiar with. 
  • Permits & Inspections: A well-informed designer with up-to-date knowledge of building science can work closely with your construction team to get building projects approved. That means saving you lots of time and stress. 
  • Vetting Subcontractors: Designers know reliable vendors to use for a project, including plumbers, electricians, roofers and more. Good quality work is key when remodeling your home! 

Hire an Interior Designer for your Home Renovation

Have we convinced you that hiring a interior designer for your Milwaukee home renovation is key to success? A home remodel is no easy feat and not something that can be done by the average homeowner. When you bring in professional experts like a designer, you can avoid a lot of the hassle and enjoy a pleasant experience. We are ready to get started on your Milwaukee kitchen or bathroom remodel.

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