Why You Don’t Need a Milwaukee Architect for Your Home Remodel

Why You Don’t Need a Milwaukee Architect for Your Home Remodel

As you start your Milwaukee home remodel, you may be put off by the cost that comes with hiring an architect. However, the good news is that you likely don’t need an architect at all! What you do need is a design-build company like Kowalske, where the design and construction is all under one roof. Our designers draw the floorplans and create 3D renderings of your space just like an architect, but without the high price tag and other hassles.

Why you don’t need an architect:

1. Hiring an Architect Comes with a Cost

Architects don’t come cheap and hiring one often adds unnecessary costs to your bottom line. They can bring benefits and expertise, yes, but at what price? On the flip side, choosing a design-build firm for a home remodel means hiring a single company to design and complete the construction of your project. Save the architect fees to put towards your project! Rather than signing multiple contracts with an architect, designer, and a general contractor (GC), you are staying within one firm that will keep more money in your pocketbook.

2. An Architect Doesn’t Design with Your Budget in Mind

Beyond paying for their services, you may end up paying more overall once you bring an architect on board. Once the architect creates drawings, you will then have to hire a general contractor who will bid out all aspects of the work to find out the cost. At Kowalske, we design and build with your budget at the forefront of our minds; an architect doesn’t. 

The architect’s knowledge of construction costs is between 6 and 9 months behind because they aren’t up to speed on material/labor costs. At that point you may already be over budget. Then it’s back to the architect to make some major decisions about scaling back. Architects aren’t seeing the day-to-day fluctuations of construction costs so it becomes more difficult to stay on track. With design-build, we know your budget from the start and work closely with our construction team to stay within those monetary parameters.

3. A Large Team Complicates the Process

You know the old adage: Too many chefs spoil the stew. The same goes when we talk about a home remodel. The more professionals you get involved, the more complicated the process can become. From the architect to the interior designer to the general contractor and beyond, the opinions can become overwhelming and even contradictory with one another. 

With design-build, we are one team of experts that works together and keeps your project streamlined and moving along efficiently. This means open lines of communication and a straight-forward approach. Another drawback of a bigger team is that there is less accountability. Each group tends to place blame on the other when something goes wrong. With design-build, every step happens within the same team.

4. Project Changes are Complicated

When a pivot in a project is needed, complications can arise. If something in the project changes (such a new door, window or cabinetry), you have to go back to consult with many different individuals. Your timeline will be set back as you confer with the architect, designer and GC.

With design-build, the team all works for the same company so project changes can be addressed swiftly and easily. Your designer is involved with the construction phase and will work with the construction team to bring your Milwaukee home remodel to completion. 

5. Your Project Will Take Longer

We know you don’t want your Milwaukee home to be in a state of disarray for months on end. Homeowners want their project done quickly, but the reality is there are a lot of moving parts in the process. With a design-build team, your project is more likely to stay within your ideal timeline. When you hire an architect, designer and GC, the project will take much longer and has the potential to run into a variety of issues that you won’t have when partnering with a single design build firm.

The collaborative approach of a design-build team already has established procedures for efficiency. This means that many kinks can be worked out in advance and ultimately save you time. Working with an architect often means waiting until plans are finalized before going to a contractor for a bid, whereas wait times to start your project with a design-build firm are notably shorter.

Read about our Design Build Process.

6. Why You Don’t Need an Architect? Better Quality!

Perhaps best of all, a single team raises the odds that the end result will be a top-quality project. Together, the design-build group pays attention to the details big and small and allocates time and resources accordingly to bring you the Milwaukee home remodel you want.

Get Started with Design Build 

Hiring an architect may not be the best first step when considering a home remodel. Consider hiring a design build firm for a smooth process and high quality result. You can come to Kowalske for both the design and construction portions of your project. If your project is an addition or whole home remodel, we can partner with an architect for assistance, but you often do not need one at all. Schedule an appointment to see if we can meet all your Milwaukee home remodeling needs!

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