What is Design Build? Why it's the Best Remodeling Approach

What is Design Build? Why it’s the Best Remodeling Approach

what is design build

What is design-build and is it right for you? The design-build remodeling approach has grown into one of the most popular home remodeling methods in the United States. The main advantage of design-build is that you’ll work with a single company for design and construction. Working with a single entity can minimize cost, time and stress. Kowalske Kitchen & Bath is a design-build kitchen and bath remodeling contractor serving customers in Brookfield, Wisconsin and the surrounding communities.

Want to enjoy a seamless home remodeling project from start to finish?

Let’s find out how you can benefit from this approach.

design build

Design Build Defined

With the design-build system, the homeowner comes first. You’ll work with a single expert who has full responsibility over the entire construction project, from design and architecture to construction. A design build firm shares the same goal with you: creating the home of your dreams efficiently and beautifully.

The other option is the traditional design-bid-build approach, which forces the homeowner to find subcontractors and materials themselves. Bidding and dealing with multiple contracts can easily lead to frustration, high costs in labor, subpar materials and a tremendous amount of wasted time. Distrust builds between the owner and the subcontractors, leading to more headaches. Compare that to the superior design-build delivery method.

Proven Benefits of Design Build

  1. Team Effort: Work together as a team to design the space, purchase materials, stay in budget and execute the construction.
  2. Quick Customization: Don’t wait weeks for customized products. Instead, work with your design builder to find the right materials quickly.
  3. Faster Project Delivery: By working with one cohesive team, you will save time and money in unnecessary labor costs, human error and waiting for material.

The Efficient Design Build Process

Detailed Design Phase

You will meet with our expert Kowalske designer to conceptualize your project. We create a full floor plan and 3D renderings to help you “see” your dream kitchen or bathroom. We work closely with you from the earliest stages. Discuss time strategies, materials, remodeling costs and scheduling. Share your expectations with our talented team.

3D rendering
3D rendering of a master bathroom.

Thorough Project Planning

After finalizing the concept, we will work together to find the right materials for your kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel. Our professionals know precisely where to find the customized products with the fastest delivery. Don’t waste time finding the right kitchen cabinets, flooring, tiles, and lighting alone. Our team will help you find the fixtures, finishes, and styles that fit your unique tastes and budget.

kitchen bath showroom
In the Delafield, Wisconsin Kowalske Kitchen & Bath showroom, we have cabinetry, counters, tile, hardware and more.

We work with a trusted team of suppliers and subcontractors that provide superior craftsmanship and quality. At Kowalske, we include a detailed walk-through of your project and discuss key project points. Enjoy open communication with our team every step of the way.

Efficient & Accurate Construction

Once the details have been finalized, the exciting construction process begins! A Kowalske Project Manager oversees the remodel and helps you get ready for the construction phase. Our unique online project schedule includes every step of the process. The Project Manager coordinates between the contractors and the homeowner, improving quality and efficiency. Because the build is under a single contract, any disputes or change orders are significantly streamlined.

online schedule
You’ll have access to an online calendar to know what is happening each week on your project.

Reliable & Dependable Project Execution

Our team has total accountability throughout the project. They will address issues quickly and keep the project on schedule using an online schedule. This highly collaborative, integrated method encourages innovation and creative thinking from initial construction to project completion. The entire project meets the detailed plans and specifications of the homeowner. The Project Manager addresses any issues that may arise with development, materials, delays, and other common problems.

Our design-build remodeling process works. Avoid stress and worry during construction. Enjoy the home remodel of your dreams!

Why Design Build is a Remarkable Solution

One of the key benefits of design-build is working together with our professional Kowalske Kitchen & Bath team. We will eliminate the guessing by helping you understand every step of the remodeling process, from costs to materials to logistics. We will work with you to create a realistic cost estimate, taking into account factors like project size, construction costs and selected materials.

Our team works with you every step of the way. Your designer will create detailed 3D renderings to help you envision your dream home. We also provide an accurate estimate, including construction costs and customized materials. Next, we help you find the right materials that fit your taste. Your designer works with you to order superior lumber, paint, cabinetry, and more. With our online calendar, there is no guessing during construction. Get the materials you need when you need them. We want you to enjoy a worry-free installation.

Cost Effective Method

remodel cost

How much will design-build cost? The design-build method includes all costs from design through final construction. Pricing is affected by several important factors:

  • Materials: Cabinetry, Flooring, Lighting, Custom Materials, Lumber, Counters, etc.
  • Mechanical Costs: Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, etc.
  • Labor Costs: Job Preparations, Demo, Carpentry, Tile Installation, etc.

Design-build streamlines cost by providing a single Project Manager that oversees the entire project from concept to finish. This process helps eliminate many unnecessary costs and delays that a homeowner would traditionally have to manage. Instead, the Project Manager will efficiently and quickly address any challenges, change orders and delays.

The cost of your remodel depends on factors like complexity, age, and size of your home, materials, and overall cost to construct. We will do our best to keep your project within budget; however, you should have a contingency fund to absorb any additional changes along the way. It could be faulty wiring or an unexpected water line. We can’t see what’s behind your walls. Changes and “known unknowns” are part of remodeling. Your Project Manager will address them with you and move forward as quickly as possible.


At Kowalske Kitchen & Bath we provide you an estimate based on a Good, Better, and Best estimate, providing you with materials options that fit your budget. For example, you might want affordable laminate counters, the best in custom cabinetry, and a gorgeous backsplash. We will develop a detailed budget based on your wants.

The cost of kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling is unique to each project based on the age of the home, size of the project, complexity, finish, and other factors. Visit our Pricing Guide page to understand what our typical projects cost.

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We are your design-build remodeling partner, whether you are looking for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling or a home addition. Work with our team for an exceptional, worry-free remodel. We have years of experience as a kitchen and bath remodeling company, serving Brookfield, Wisconsin and the surrounding communities.

For additional information, please schedule a call with a Kowalske Kitchen & Bath designer. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions and help create the home you always wanted!

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