How Does Heated Flooring Work?

How Does Heated Flooring Work?

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Say goodbye to cold toes in the winter! Nothing feels as luxurious as stepping onto warm heated flooring after a long bath or stepping inside from the cold. A heated floor is one of the best ways to create a spa-like bathroom, save on energy bills, and increase your home value. But how does a heated floor work? Why is it better than central air heating?

Our experienced Kowalske team has installed electrical flooring throughout Wisconsin homes in the Milwaukee and Waukesha areas. Learn more about how heated flooring works and why to get it installed in your home.

What is electric floor heating?

Want to enjoy comfort and warmth in your home? Most home heating systems are highly visible. A bulky radiator takes up space in the room, or unsightly vents are loudly blowing air (and dust) into your house. Radiant electric floor heating provides the least intrusive heating option because it’s visually “hidden” under your flooring.

Kowalske will install the floor heat system under your primary floor. When the heating element under the floor starts to warm, it radiates heat up through the floor. The thermal energy comes in contact with other objects in your home, warming and radiating heat outwards. This allows for an extensive, efficient heat generation method, that is a cost effective way to heat a room.

Where can I install heated flooring?

Install electric floor heating in rooms where the flooring material is likely to be cold. It’s perfect in a bathroom, mudroom, basement or a kitchen. Install electric flooring on a per room basis so that each room in your home has a thermostat. You won’t need to replace your entire heating system if you only have one place difficult to keep warm, or you’d like extra warmth for your feet. Choose to heat just one room.

Electric floor heating elements can be:

  • Mats
  • Rolls
  • Cables (with or without an uncoupling membrane)

Power applied to resistance wires heats the floor with electricity. These resistance wires are not like the heating elements you’ll find in space heaters. Think of them like a giant electric blanket installed under your flooring.

This bathroom remodel in Hartford, WI was featured on the Warmly Yours website. Read the story here: A Calming Master Bath Retreat with Heated Floors

How is electric floor heating installed?

Electric floor heating is installed under your new flooring. The Kowalske crew will remove your previous flooring and install an underlayment to prevent the heat from sinking into the subfloor.

Electric floor heating mats are better suited to different flooring materials. Like some laminate or engineered wood coverings, floating floors work best with adhesive-less floor heating systems (often composed of heating elements sandwiched between two layers of foil). Kowalske will wire the system to the thermostat and install the primary flooring.

Is heated flooring better than central air heating?

Forced air heating is the most common form of heating in North America and also one of the least efficient ways of distributing heat to a home. The heat comes from tiny vents in a room, which results in uneven heating. The heat only reaches the room after traveling through ductwork installed in cold air areas such as basements or attics, which results in a loss of the heat. Finally, the forced air is noisy and blows allergens into and around your home.

A heated floor eliminates is quiet and heats the entire floor, which blankets the whole room in heat. It even turns the objects that it comes into contact with into heat carriers themselves, rather than heat sinks.

Because the heating elements are right under the floor (and the underlayment prevents heat loss), the heat doesn’t dissipate before it gets a chance to warm your room. Floor heating is an efficient alternative to central heating and an attractive option to people with allergies.

What flooring material should I use with heated floors?

There are several types of electric floor heating mats to work with any kind of flooring material. The best flooring materials conduct heat effectively.

Flooring Options:

  • Ceramic tile is the best choice to use with your electric heating systems
  • Laminate
  • Engineered wood
  • Floating hardwood floors
  • Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Carpet

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