7 Ways to Add Home Fitness Features in Your Remodel

7 Ways to Add Home Fitness Features in Your Remodel

Fitness should be a key part of daily life, but fitness centers, private gym sessions, and the services of personal trainers aren’t always convenient. If you’re planning a home remodel, this is the perfect opportunity to add home fitness features that support both your physical and mental well-being. With thoughtful planning, your home can transform into a sanctuary that is truly conducive to a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Below, we’ll look at 7 home fitness features to keep in mind during your next home remodel. 

1. Turn Your Basement Into a Home Gym

Basements are often overlooked spaces in the home. And, yet, they hold unparalleled potential as a dedicated fitness area. Transforming this space into a home gym, yoga studio, or meditation corner personalizes your approach to health and wellness. It creates a private retreat for workouts, free from external disruptions. Speak with your Kowalske designer about adding workout flooring, mirrors, or installing a barre. 

The bottom line? Not only does remodeling your basement enhance your property’s value but also supports a consistent fitness regimen tailored to your preferences.

2. Aid Relaxation with an At-Home Spa

Physical activities like cardio and weight lifting are crucial – and yet recovery, mindfulness, and relaxation play an equally important role in overall health! 

That is why setting up an at-home spa during your next remodel can help add to your living space a valuable, long-lasting asset. Some unmissable features of an at home spa include a deep soaking tub, mood lighting, heated floors and a minimalist decor that incorporates nature.

3. Convert an Unused Bedroom into a Workout Room

If you have an unused bedroom in your Wisconsin home, you should consider transforming it into a dynamic workout space by adding free weights, an elliptical machine, and a Peloton bike. 

Design the room for motivation and efficiency: install full-length mirrors to keep an eye on your form and posture, choose energizing colors, and ensure adequate lighting. If the bedroom isn’t equipped yet, some must-haves worth investing in include a TV for following workout videos, and a sound system for music. 

Pro tip: Speak with your Kowalske designer about using LVP flooring to reduce noise and protect the floor, creating a dedicated fitness environment that is private, soundproofed, and well-integrated within your home.

4. Add Retractable Equipment in Your Office For Active Breaks

Inactivity is one of the biggest threats to health, leading to a whole range of health conditions, from obesity to cardiovascular problems. And, this problem is exacerbating as more people join the work-from-home movement.

However, there are some easy strategies to boost your daily step count, burn some calories, and improve your flexibility while working at your desk – starting with active breaks. These only last 5-10 minutes, but they can help counteract the effects of sitting for too long and even improve cognitive function, concentration, memory, learning and focus. Some retractable, space-saving equipment to equip your home office with include:

  • Yoga mat
  • Medicine ball
  • Walking pad
  • Standing desk

5. Home Fitness Features: Use Your Main Living Area

If you lack a garage, an extra unused room, or a basement, don’t fret. Incorporating fitness into your main living areas is easier than you think. This approach keeps fitness accessible, blending it seamlessly into your daily life without compromising on living space.

For example, a yoga mat or set of weights can easily tuck away into a closet when not in use, maintaining your home’s aesthetic. You can also place a treadmill or Peloton – and, when choosing stylish models, you won’t even have to hide it away!

6. Incorporate Resistance Bands or Pull-Up Bars into Door Frames

One thing all homes have? Doors and door frames! That’s why turning door frames into workout stations by incorporating resistance bands or pull-up bars is a smart, highly accessible move. 

For resistance bands, choose sets that offer various tension levels to accommodate different exercises and progression stages. Additionally, you may choose to install a pull-up bar behind doors you don’t use so often – but keep in mind that these installations require a sturdy door frame. 

These tools may seem simple at first, but with enough guidance and creativity, they can enable a variety of exercises like pull-ups for upper body strength, and band squats or lunges for lower body toning. Plus, they are right in front of your eyes every time you enter or exit your rooms. 

7. Turn Your Garage Into a CrossFit Playground

Over the past years, CrossFit has become an incredibly popular discipline, thanks to its holistic approach to fitness, which focuses on strength, flexibility, and endurance. But despite its advantages, gym memberships and CrossFit club passes can be costly. 

That’s where knowing how to repurpose your space can help. For example, if you have an unused garage, consider transforming it into your personal CrossFit gym. This not only saves money but also customizes your workout environment.

To make setting up even more affordable, use TrueMed to purchase fitness equipment with HSA/FSA dollars. This approach not only economizes the process but also creates a convenient and efficient space tailored to your fitness journey. 

Craft an Ultimate Home Fitness-First Living Space

The key to becoming more active without splurging on gym memberships is to shift your mindset. Rethink your home not just as a place to unwind after work but as a sanctuary for physical and mental well-being. 

This will make it easier to integrate wellness and fitness features within your home during your next remodel and allow you to take your first step towards improved mental and physical health.

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