3 Innovative Home Office & Desk Ideas

3 Innovative Home Office Ideas You Can Use Now

Struggling to find office space in your home? Do your kids need room for schoolwork? With the growing need for workspace and school space in your home, you need quick and easy desk ideas. A clean, harmonious space increases productivity. Explore our expert designer’s favorite home office designs and desk ideas for small spaces. Get creative! Transform your home into a functional workspace.

Creating office space has both unique challenges and designs. Need hidden storage space to hide the clutter? Have specific electronics needs? Find the perfect balance between a quiet ambiance and a bustling home life. You need a calm and clean office space.

One of the most important things we do at Kowalske Kitchen & Bath is space planning. We find out how you live in your home in order to create a floor plan, cabinet layout, and built-ins to get it just right. Whether you are looking for a small work nook or a larger homeschooling area, we will design a space that works for you. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in Delafield, Wisconsin. Enjoy transforming an existing space into something functional, unexpected, and beautiful.

Discover the 3 hottest home office trends for 2021:

Let us inspire you with these easy modern home office ideas.

1. Dedicated Home Office Desk

Do you want the best solution for working from home? Set up a dedicated home office. Stay focused by closing the door on distraction. You need a private office if you frequently have phone or video conference calls. Our innovative desk organizer ideas maximize available space and minimize distractions. One of the best solutions is to add office space in a finished basement.

This Wauwatosa, Wisconsin basement office features open shelving, drawers, and a large work surface.

Consider what you need. How do you plan to use the space? What sort of desk organizer ideas work for you? Do you have papers to store? How many outlets do you need for your electronics? Make a list of everything you need in your space. A Kowalske Kitchen & Bath designer can help you create an innovative office space.

Home Office Design Considerations:

  • Types of Furniture: Standing desk, sitting desk, built-in, small table, a shelf with wall-brackets at the correct height, etc.
  • Organization & Storage Needs: file cabinets, bookcases, shelves, etc.
  • Electronic Needs: computers, printers, phones, shredders, lighting, etc.
  • Video Conferencing: custom lighting for video calls, background behind you, accessories like artwork or a shelf
This basement office has under-shelf lighting and angled plug molding. The desk is brightly lit, and the homeowners have plenty of outlets along the desk area.

2. Alcove Office Ideas

Not everyone has space in their home for a dedicated home office. It’s time to think outside the box. Look for a nook or alcove in a bedroom or a multipurpose room out of the main flow of the house. Possible locations include a closet, recessed wall or under a window. Get creative and find a unique place to set up a desk.

In this Pewaukee, Wisconsin home, we converted a hallway closet into a command center, complete with seating, lighting, storage and a workspace.
desk alcove
This Wauwatosa, Wisconsin basement makes excellent use of recessed wall space with a children’s desk and bookshelves.

3. Home Desk Ideas for Other Rooms

If you don’t have room for a dedicated home office, consider using the main room in your home. What are the most popular desk organizer ideas for 2021? The kitchen and living room are popular multipurpose rooms. Convert them into a functional workspace. Talk to a Kowalske designer today about adding a desk for your small space.

These multipurpose modern home office ideas are ideal if you need to interact with your children and family. Give students room to work. If they have a question about their schooling, they can ask a parent right away. Parents can monitor schooling and electronic device usage easily. Be readily available to your family.

Countertop Desk Ideas

Don’t hide your desk in the back corner of your home. Integrate your office as part of your home decor.

Multipurpose Rooms as Office Space

Get Started on Your Home Office

Are you excited about reinventing your modern home office? Tired of competing with kids, pets and distractions when you work? It’s time to create a functional workspace in your home! Whether you want to add a dedicated home office or need to find a unique desk solution in your home, Kowalske Kitchen & Bath in Delafield, Wisconsin, is here to help. Reach out. Speak with one of our designers today.

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