Matt Kowalske Featured on The Building Code Podcast

Matt Kowalske Featured on The Building Code Podcast

The Building Code Podcast

Matt Kowalske, President of Kowalske Kitchen & Bath, was interviewed on “The Building Code” Podcast. This podcast is all about technology and construction. In this episode, Matt shares his story about managing the business amid the pandemic. This is a podcast series in which they interview business leaders across the country about how they have adapted their businesses since March 2020.

“It was an uncertain time when it all happened mid-March. The phones stopped ringing. The leads stopped coming in. We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to work. We were lucky to be deemed essential in Wisconsin so our production crew could keep going.” – Matt Kowalske

Listen Now: The Building Code – Episode 108

What You’ll Hear in this Episode:

  • Background about Kowalske: How we started and how we’ve evolved to today
  • What happened when the pandemic started and our showroom shut down
  • Lessons learned & business adaptation
  • Importance of our relationships with subcontractors
  • What’s on deck for 2021

“My team deserves all the credit. It’s a talented, passionate group. It’s inspiring to see what they’re doing and the projects we’re pushing out. It’s incredible!”

Matt Kowalske
The Building Code Podcast

“Lessons Learned: You’ve got to have a great culture, great relationships with your subs and vendors, and some great systems to have good communication with your clients. And those people who have had that pre-pandemic, have seemed to weather the storm.” – Paul Wurth

The “Building Code Podcast” is hosted by Buildertrend. This podcast provides remodeling companies and construction professionals with high-quality interviews and best practices from their peers. Not only do they interview industry experts and Buildertrend leaders, but they also interview real Buildertrend users to learn about their history, business and secrets of success.

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