10 Luxury Kitchen Features Milwaukee Homeowners Want

10 Luxury Kitchen Features Milwaukee Homeowners Want

As the gathering place of the home, your kitchen gets the most attention of any room in your house. It’s the hub where friends and family get together for parties, holidays and meals. With this in mind, you want the room to be all it can be, and our experts can make that happen for you! As you get started on your kitchen remodel, take a look at the top 10 most requested luxury kitchen features that you can have in your Milwaukee home.

1. Beverage Station for Entertaining

If you love to entertain, a beverage station is a convenient feature for party and family holidays, for storing drinks and allowing guests to easily grab items. It keeps the kitchen area free for food preparation and cooking. It’s a unique feature that not only adds a novel touch to your kitchen but also makes your life easier–and more fun! You might want to include a wine chiller, coffee station, beverage refrigerator, prep sink and storage for glasses.  

2. Add More Natural Light to your Milwaukee Kitchen

Let the sunshine in! What better way to brighten up your kitchen than with a burst of natural light? It’s a proven fact that sunshine lifts the spirits and there are many ways to bring this element into your kitchen. The obvious ways include windows and skylights; however, there are other unique architectural options like light shelves and sun tunnels. Horizontally shaped, light shelves have a window built into the back of them and they distribute natural light more evenly throughout the room. Sun tunnels are circle-shaped holes in the ceiling that allow more light into the room. Whichever means you choose, you will enjoy the many benefits of bringing the outdoor light inside.

3. Custom Cabinets with Storage Solutions

Beauty, quality, functionality! The right custom cabinets give you all three. First of all, they upgrade the whole look of your kitchen as you can choose the materials and embellishments you want to fit your theme and personality. You get to pick the materials, hardware, finish and colors from a wide variety of options to make the statement you want. They are durable with a long shelf life. You can have them designed to meet your kitchen’s exact measurements and your family’s very specific needs from more storage space to convenient access options.

4. Pot Filler Faucet 

Minimize the stress and mess by adding a pot filler faucet in your kitchen! This feature is perfect for the busy hostess or mom who loves to cook dinner for her family. Mounted over your stove or coffee nook with a swing-out jointed arm, the pot filler faucet will give you the convenience you need for any meal or event. It will save you countless trips back and forth from sink to stove holding heavy pots that put a strain on your back and arms. Instead you can fill up your pots or coffee maker and be ready to go, giving you more time to visit and mingle. The pot filler faucet also minimizes the mess and reduces clutter in the sink. 

5. Luxury Countertops for Your Milwaukee Kitchen

Take your kitchen up a notch! Have you considered upgrading your countertops with high-quality material? Not only will this be a change that lasts for many years, but luxury countertops can elevate your kitchen to the next level of ambiance. Some countertop materials to consider: marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, soapstone, concrete and wood. Most will provide decades of great performance while making the statement you want for the most-used room of your home.

6. Add a Breakfast Nook

What better way to enjoy fun family time? More than just a place to enjoy meals, a breakfast nook can be an area to hang out, talk, do homework, and play games. It gives your kitchen more space by creating an open concept and adding a significant increase in surface area. While it is generally seen as an informal morning meal, it can be used in many other ways–from the mid-morning coffee break to a work space during the day to a place to relax with wine in the evening.

7. Statement Lighting in Your Milwaukee Kitchen

Statement lighting in your kitchen can transform the entire room and can instantly make a space feel high-end. There are a variety of options available including a chandelier, oversized pendants, under-cabinet lights and scones. The brightness of the room can change the mood whether it be an ambient dimmer switch or increased lighting that improves visibility and safety while cooking and cleaning. The great news is you have many options and can even mix and match different fixtures.

8. Add a Textured Tiled Backsplash

Dress up your kitchen area with a backsplash! Beyond serving the purpose of protecting your walls from stains and splatter, a backsplash gives you a great opportunity to showcase your personality while adding value to your home. With an endless selection of materials, designs and colors available, the sky is the limit for the look you want! 

9. A Unique, Custom Hood in Your Milwaukee Kitchen

Every luxury kitchen has a custom hood, so don’t forget to add this to your list. There are a variety of different materials you can choose from – stainless steel, high-quality wood, metal, drywall, bronze and more. A custom hood can improve the air quality while bringing a new flair to your kitchen. Designed to remove odors, smoke, grease and other pollutants that come with cooking, they improve the circulation in your kitchen and eliminate excess heat. They also change the look of the space by making your area more stylish and streamlined. To bring everything together, you can match the hood to your cabinets.

10. Large Island with Seating

Think of the island as the center or the heart of your Milwaukee kitchen. It can serve as everything from a place for the kids to do homework to the area where guests sit and visit as you prepare the meal. Beyond being a cozy meeting place, a large island area has many benefits including extra seating, additional counter space and room for storage. You can use the space for all your specialty tools and small appliances that you don’t know where to keep. The options are endless!

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